Designer / maker of art installations and sculptural lighting.  

I make sculptural lighting tailored to architectural spaces on all scales, in buildings from public to domestic, from grand to intimate. My forms are organically inspired, using materials such as woven metal meshes, glass, low energy fibre optics and LEDs combined to produce an atmospheric blend of ethereal silhouettes, subtle shapes and light.  I have been able to extend this fascination with light, shadow and transparency by working with kiln formed glass. I love the way that the material flows into the mould giving very organic shapes and the luminous qualities of glass, whether it is lit by natural or artificial light. Throughout my career I have taken photographs to influence my artwork. My most recent photographs are of plastic marine pollution.

I  teach and run workshops for children and adults in the studio, colleges, schools and galleries. I enjoy sharing my extensive making knowledge to inspire people to be creative and completed my Professional Graduate Certificate in Education, 2018.

Commissions include working with with aLL Design Architects and Total Contruction to design, fabricate and install Acoustic Baffles for the Neuron Pod, Centre of the Cell, Queen Mary College London, UK, 2018;  Alsop Architects to design lights for the Institute of Molecular Science, Blizard Institute, Queen Mary College London 2004; a hand-crafted installation of nine sculptural lights at Paignton Community Library,  Devon 2010; Glass sculpture for University of Exeter,  Business School, Devon 2011;  Mercure Hotels to design, hand craft and install sculptural lighting 2015.

Other commissions include lighting displays for the Conran Shop, London and Paris stores. The Spike Light is included in the Victoria and Albert Museum permanent collection. I have previously sold work to Liberty, Conran and Heals, and designed lighting manufactured under royalty by Fontana Arte between 2000-2006 "Longbow' & "Light on a Wire".

Commissions and enquiries welcome.